MedsOnIT caters with innovative and advance integrated software to cut down the usage of time, and paper work needed in healthcare industry. Our pioneering programing team develops software that is efficient over a long-term period and delivered to the user at affordable costs.

MedsOnIT offerings include hospital management and pharmacy software for retailers and distributors. All our software’s used by doctors are developed through cutting-edge-technology and comprises user friendly features, catering to small and large scale practitioner.

MedsOnIT is a SCORG initiative, focused on providing innovative Healthcare IT solutions. The MedsOnIT products are developed by a team of professionals to make the life of Physicians and Medicinal services experts less demanding.

Vision & Mission



To be amongst the global top 3 healthcare service provider through cutting-edge-technologies.


To be recognised in the global market space for innovative solution services.

Why MedsOnIT

Accomplish great quality ratings : We provide completely integrated software to promote your business which increases your market value & popularity

Better income administration : When frameworks and procedures are computerized, lesser assets are required for overseeing operations. Ultimately, enhanced ROI and quick Break Even Point can be accomplished

Reduces errors : Installing an advanced software expels the possibility of mistake totally, and you maintain a strategic distance from consistence issues and claims, the two greatest bothers for medicinal focuses and doctor's facilities

Enhanced clinical basic leadership : MedsOnIT ensures that operational and clinical basic leadership procedure is quick, exact, and proficient

Enhance information security: When everything is taken care of by an computerized controlled framework where accessibility of data relies on upon client rights, there is no plausibility of mistake.

Why us