PharmaSYS Distributor+ Features

  • Daily business functions are made comfortable
  • Purchase, Sales, Cash receipts/payments, Cheque receipts/payments
  • Inventory, sales, Inventory and MIS Reports using crystal reports
  • Information list views for faster data location
  • Multi-user with Comprehensive reporting
  • Easy-to-use User friendly Graphical user interface
  • Rigorous data protection and easy retrieval in event of a system failure
  • The online service has been provided for each and every screen
  • Faster accesses, accuracy, more efficiency, more security
  • Better service to customer. Enhanced administration and control
  • Cost control and improved profitability

PharmaSYS Distributor+ Detail

PharmaSYS distributor + programming is an exhaustive arrangement intended to computerize the exercises of pharmacy Distributors. MedsOnIT has the Capability to direct the aggregate undertaking and effectiveness and oversee data.

It is composed with a simple to-use customer interface. PharmaSYS Distributor + is a mechanized framework for any pharmacy Distributors. It covers Complete Customer Management, Inventory Reporting, Accounting with incorporated records, Product database and so on.

Modules of PharmaSYS Distributor+

Sr No. Modules Features
1 Purchase Features
  • Auto purchase load from Order/Email
  • Display Last 4 Deals of Selected item to cross check Rate, Deal, Disc., Tax & Cost
  • Supplier wise various outstanding reports
  • Easy to maintain purchase summary for time management
  • Add/ edit/ split purchase return (debit report) while doing purchase entry
2 Account Features
  • Easy accounting
  • Bank Reconciliation & Interest Calculation
  • VAT Returns, Sales Tax Registers & Summaries
  • Availability of trial balance up to 4 levels
  • Availability to select multiple accounts for ledger
3 MIS Report Features
  • Gross Profit reports on Day/Month/Item/Company/Bill & Supplier wise
  • Purchase, Sales & Stock Analysis
  • Drilled down reports up to voucher level
  • Suppliers wise Stocks, Dumping, and expiry & Valuation
  • Panel/Doctor/Patient/Supplier Wise Sales Reports
  • Bill not Printed/No. of Prints/Modification Track
  • Detail summary report for each & every transition done in shop
4 Stock Features
  • Near Expiry/Hold/Dump/Negative/New Rate stock with supplier details
  • Item/Batch Register for Salable Items
  • Expired/Breakage Stocks & Registers
  • Supplier wise Expired Items List
  • Stock Valuation on Company/Category/Supplier
  • Near Expiry statements with Suppliers details
  • Near Expiry Stock can be auto transfer to Expired Stock

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